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Wellness Services

VUCC offers a full range of wellness services.

Need a last minute kennel cough vaccine before boarding your pet? Been busy with work or the kids and haven’t had time to get your pet in for a check up? At VUCC we understand your busy schedule. We know you love your pet but sometimes life just gets in the way. That’s why we are here for them – and you – when you need us. We offer vaccines for dogs and cats to get your pets caught up on their routine wellness needs.

We also offer fecal testing, tick-borne disease and heartworm testing, and can perform routine blood work and urine testing on our state of the art, in-house diagnostic laboratory.

Don’t forget about your feline friends. Did you know that over half of cats in the United States do not see the veterinarian for routine check ups? Many owners feel that because their cats are “indoor only” that they cannot develop disease. This is simply not true. The most common diseases we see in cats include thyroid disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Early detection of disease through simple, inexpensive, blood testing, can help your cat live a longer, happier, healthier life.

So just come on in, no appointment necessary.