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What We Do:

We have two options for ultrasound at VUCC. We have an ultrasound on site. All veterinarians can perform flash and FAST ultrasounds. FAST stands for Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (it is not a “quick” ultrasound, a common misconception). These ultrasounds help our clinicians assess urgent care patients for fluid in body cavities such as the abdomen or thorax or around the heart. It can also be used to see large masses, tumors or obvious bladder problems.

We also offer full abdominal ultrasounds with Dr. Alan Glazer. Dr. Glazer is a boarded internal medicine specialist who performs complete abdominal ultrasounds on select days at Veterinary Urgent Care Center. A full abdominal ultrasound can fully assess the liver, gall bladder, spleen, reproductive organs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, adrenal glands and urinary system. If you would like to schedule your pet for an ultrasound with Dr. Glazer, please call your primary care veterinarian or call our office directly for pricing and availability.

Appointments with Dr. Glazer cannot be scheduled online.