On #NationalPetBirdDay, Dr. Erika Cervasio of VUCC Quincy offers some tips on how best to socialize your bird in your home. Dr. Cervasio is a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP), specializing in Avian, Canine and Feline Practice.

  • Birds are very social because they are a flock species. If more than one bird is in the household, their cages can be kept close by to encourage social interactions and flock behavior.

  • Same-sized birds can be introduced to each other, but birds of varying sizes should not be allowed to interact directly to minimize risk of injury.

  • As an owner, you should interact with your bird as much as possible. You, as the owner, are replacing the flock interaction if you have one pet bird. The bird needs interaction, so it’s not ideal if you leave your bird away from other members of the family.

We do see exotics at VUCC, depending on doctor availability. Before you seek care at VUCC, please call one of our hospitals directly and ask for the availability of either Dr. Cervasio or one of the other vets on staff who can help you and your exotic pet with their urgent needs. To contact us, book online, or see our hours, please visit: https://www.clockwisemd.com/groups/538