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Andrea Simokonis

Veterinary Receptionist

Hey everyone! I’m Andrea! I studied English Literature at Umass Boston focusing on Shakespearean Literature. I grew up in South Weymouth and now call Adams Shore in Quincy home. I live with my husband and our 2 kitties, Gary and Tristan. We had our first child (a boy!) in early December 2017 and we have been so excited to welcome him into the world!! I’m also a member of the Board of Deacons at Old South Union Church and I’m a volunteer facilitator for the Weymouth Food Pantry.

I’ve been a Veterinary Receptionist for nearly 7 years, collectively and I love my job! Greeting all of our clients (both furry and human) is my favorite part of my job. I love seeing all of your furry family members wagging their tails!!!