We all know how we feel during allergy season. The constant need for a box of tissues on hand and stuffed up noses makes for zero fun when the weather starts to turn for the better. 

Well, the same things can happen for our pets. They may not experience the same respiratory disturbances that we do. However, allergies can affect the quality of life for our pets and there are some warning signs and subtle hints that your pet may be struggling with an allergy to something. 

Allergies in pets occur when their immune systems react to substances in their environment or diet that are typically harmless. These allergens can trigger a range of symptoms, varying from mild irritation to severe reactions. Common allergens for pets include pollen, dust mites, certain foods, insect bites, and even certain materials like wool or synthetic fibers.

A few signs that you may notice in your pet are:

They become itchy: One of the most prevalent signs of allergies in pets is excessive scratching, licking, or chewing of the skin. If you notice your pet constantly nibbling at their paws, scratching their ears, or rubbing against furniture, it could be a red flag for allergies.

You notice skin irritations on your pet: Allergic reactions often manifest in the form of skin irritations such as redness, inflammation, rashes, or hot spots. These can occur anywhere on the body and may lead to hair loss or scabbing if left untreated.

They are having persistent ear Infections: Pets with allergies are prone to ear infections, characterized by foul odor, discharge, redness, and discomfort. If your pet frequently shakes their head or tilts it to one side, it could indicate an allergic reaction affecting their ears.

Their stomach seems a bit off: Allergies can also affect your pet’s digestive system, leading to symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, or bloating. Pay attention to any changes in your pet’s appetite or bathroom habits, as these could be indicative of an underlying allergy.

Changes in their behavior: Persistent discomfort from allergies can influence your pet’s behavior. They may become restless, irritable, or exhibit signs of depression due to their discomfort and inability to find relief.

If you notice these signs and need immediate relief, you can visit one of our urgent care locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We can get you antibiotics and other medicines to give your pet a break. But know that this is not going to fix the root problem. If you believe your pet is experiencing allergies, you should contact a specialist to figure out what is causing the issues with your pet. They will be able to do more specific testing to get you the answers you need, while we in urgent care can get you the care you need fast to help with the immediate discomfort they are feeling. 

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