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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be an excellent way to help manage the increasing costs of medical care for your pets. But how do you decide if your pet needs insurance? How do you choose which plan is right for your pet? While we can’t help you decide, here is some information on pet insurance with links to more information.


  • Offers 90% coverage for diagnostics and treatments associated with any accident, illness or injury that IS NOT pre-existing.
  • Choice of deductible from $0-$1000
  • No coverage for exam fees, wellness or preventive care
  • Per condition deductible
  • You pay up the veterinarian up front then Trupanion will reimburse you 90% of the total bill
  • 30 day complimentary no obligation trial for pets under 14yrs of age after having a physical with a veterinarian and calling to active; you must enroll within 24 hours of the physical to be eligible
  • Visit online at or call 1-800-569-7913

Nationwide (formerly VPI Pet Insurance)

  • Offers 3 options
    • Whole pet with wellness
    • Major medical (accident/illness coverage only)
    • Wellness only
  • You pay the veterinarian up front, then Nationwide reimburses you 90%
  • Some companies offer this as a benefit, you may wish to check with your employer
  • Visit online at or call 1-888-899-4874

Healthy Paws

  • Major medical (accident/illness coverage only)
  • No additional cost for alternative care
  • Tiers of coverage based on what you choose as your monthly deductible and monthly payment (i.e. generally if you elect a higher deductible, your monthly payment will be lower)
  • Yearly deductible
  • No coverage for exam fees, wellness or preventive care
  • You pay the veterinarian up front, Healthy Paws reimburses you
  • Visit online at or call 1-855-898-8991


  • Comprehensive coverage that may include your exam fee
  • Choice of annual deductible
  • 24/7 customer service
  • App allowing fast paperless reimbursement
  • You pay the veterinarian up front, Petplan will reimburse you
  • Visit online at


  • Reimburses up to 90% at any vet
  • Comprehensive major illness and accident coverage
  • Pet wellness option that may offer coverage for veterinary exam and vaccines, grooming and training
  • Customizable annual deductible, annual limit and reimbursement percentage
  • Diminishing deductible feature
  • Visit online at


**Please note that unlike other websites, Veterinary Urgent Care Center is NOT a marketing site. We do not accept payments, kick backs or any promotional items or materials for presenting the information listed on this page. The information here is gathered to help you make the best decision for your pet. We do not endorse any particular company**