Jax is one of Sam Bullock’s clients she pet sits for.

Remember the notes your mother used to leave for the babysitter when they would go out for the night? It had all the emergency information, important contacts, and other instructions in case of emergency. 

Well, pet sitting is like that also. Having a friend or sitter watch your pet can allow you to get out of the house knowing your pet is safe. 

But it can also be stressful if an accident or something else happens during that time. 

Sam Bullock, Team Lead at VUCC Quincy, regularly pet sits for others and offers tips for owners to consider should the sitter need to seek veterinary medical care.

  1. Make sure you have a signed consent to treat note, stating the pet sitter’s full name and full permission to make medical decisions on your behalf, if necessary. Think of it as a power of attorney over the pet, as the sitter will have the most up-to-date information when they come to an urgent care facility or 24/7 hospital. 
  2. You should communicate how much a sitter can spend in case of emergency. Say for instance, your dog comes in and is stung by a bee and you (the owner) is unavailable by phone. Time is of the essence and we need permission to treat with consent. If a pet sitter has a value on what can be approved then decisions can be made quicker. 
  3. Leave a note with all the pet’s medical information. Age, allergies, food and how much the pet is fed, primary care vet, any relative medical history that is important. Also let the pet sitter know about any behaviors (food or animal aggression, nervousness, etc.) that the pet may experience when out of their element. Any information for a veterinary staff can go a long way towards a safe experience for all. 
  4. Always have a backup to a backup. Have some emergency contact information available in case you are out of pocket. Let those folks know that they are a potential contact in case you cannot be reached. 

Being prepared and communicating is so important, especially when it comes to the health of a pet who can’t speak for itself. Open communication between provider and owner goes a long way to positive outcomes!

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