Aging is hard! Just ask anyone reading this if their eyesight was the same as it was five to ten years ago. Like it is for humans, eye health is incredibly important for our pets, especially as they age. 

Senior pets may have reduced vision or coordination. Poor eyesight can lead to injuries by having a lack of awareness for their physical surroundings or illness due to other more serious health issues that may be occurring. 

We put together a few tips on some of the things you should monitor and some things you can do to protect your pet’s eyes as they age. 

Keep up with regular eye exams…a primary care veterinarian will be able to monitor your pet as he or she ages. A veterinarian can check for signs of eye diseases or conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma or dry eye. Keeping up to date on your pet’s check ups will ensure they get timely and appropriate care. 

Notice any changes in behavior…common signs of eye problems such as redness, swelling, discharge, cloudiness, squinting, pawing at the eyes, or changes in overall behavior should prompt you to seek care. Contact your primary care veterinarian first or utilize urgent care for these kinds of visits. 

 Regular grooming and exercise will help…pets aren’t so much different than us. We need to keep our bodies clean, eat right and exercise for peak physical performance. The same can be said for our pets. Dial in on what food is appropriate for your pet with your veterinarian’s help. Keep your pet groomed, especially around their eyes (but we don’t recommend using scissors near the eyes!)  if they tend to get hairier then usual there, to ensure no objects or dust or other things might get in their eyes. Exercise will keep a lot of health issues at bay. Regular exercise promotes blood circulation and can help in your pet’s overall health. 

A veterinarian will be able to manage eye health and prescribe medication as needed. If you are having a hard time getting into your primary care veterinarian for routine checkups or if you believe something is wrong with your pet’s eyes, we have availability 7 days a week in Quincy, Plymouth and Easton

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