Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer. And yes, that means the return of backyard barbecues!

It’s a great chance for us to get friends, families, and even our pets together to celebrate, kick back, and relax in the nice weather. But not everything that is safe for us is safe for our dogs and cats. 

The experts at Veterinary Urgent Care Center (VUCC) pulled together a list of some things you should be aware of as you fire up the grill and celebrate this weekend. 

  • Some foods that we love can cause digestive issues and choking in our pets! Corn on the cob, cooked rib, chicken, steak or pork bones can all cause choking and obstructions, in addition to vomit & diarrhea. Please properly dispose of all bones so that an animal can’t find its way into the trash. If you notice your dog or cat got into a bone, seek out medical care immediately. Bones can cause major injury or illness to a pet’s stomach or intestinal tract. 
  • Kabob skewers may look tasty for pets, but they can also get dislodged in a pet’s throat and cause choking. Metal skewers in particular can be very damaging to a dog’s internal organs. Popsicle sticks or wooden toothpicks can also be a choking hazard. The best advice is to clean any area that a dog and cat may access easily. 
  • Special treats may seem nice, but the seasonings and the fat might not sit well in your pet’s stomach. Offering table scraps is tempting, but you and your pet might regret it later. Some seasonings and fatty foods frequently cause stomach upset in your pet. You may notice in the days following ingestion– vomit, diarrhea, and decreased appetite.  We always love to see your pet, but please don’t provide the reason for the visit.
  • Loud noises may make your dog anxious! Fireworks can make dogs and cats very anxious and you will notice right away in your pet their level of comfort with the loud noises. If you know you have fireworks planned, or any other loud noises for that matter, find a safe and quiet place for your pet to relax and stay away from the fun. Please contact VUCC in advance if you anticipate the need for medication to decrease noise phobia.

Pets love parties just as much as we do! So follow some of these easy tips and tricks and please enjoy the holiday weekend safely!

VUCC is an urgent care facility for pets in Quincy, Plymouth and Easton. We offer walk-in services at all three locations or you can book online directly at our website by clicking here! Please note, we will be closed on Memorial Day! To see our schedule for all of our locations click here!