Is there anything cuter than watching a young child with a puppy, kitten, or any other household pet become best friends? The bonds that children and our furry friends develop can bring a family together.

Sometimes these relationships click from the start. Sometimes it might take a little more time.

You will pick up quickly on the personality of your pet or child when you make that first introduction. It’s not about going slow nor greeting the two immediately, necessarily. It’s about creating a respectful introduction and promoting respectful interactions.

It’s important not to force it. Pets pick up very quickly on energy. If you notice one or both is timid with one another, then back off and slow down the introduction. Sometimes children don’t know their own limitations and will crowd a pet’s personal space. Pick a few minutes each day to share time together, always respecting when one may decide they have had enough interaction. Always interact with adult supervision.

Setting boundaries and quiet spaces for pets will promote positive interactions. Having a young child that is learning to walk and move around the house can be stressful for animals, especially if the animal is already timid. Little hands like to touch, pat, and pull—please consider your pets’ reaction to your child’s (often unwanted) attention, and teach your child how to gently interact with your pet, and to be respectful of your pet when they do not want to be touched.

Decrease stress for your pet by creating a space that is off limits to children. Put the dog’s crate in a room away from the kid’s bedroom or playroom, or create intentional hiding places for your cat. Your pet will feel safe and comfort away from the noise.

Building this lasting relationship through respectful interactions will create a happy and healthy home for everyone…and it will give us something cute to watch on our Instagram feeds!

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