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Medical Alert and Disease Detection – Training Dogs to Alert Owners

It is no secret that dogs have a wicked sniffer. But can your dog tell if you have cancer?
What about early Parkinson’s Disease? Diabetes?

Claire Guest, a scientist and animal behavior expert, says yes. She knows first hand because her dog, Daisy, detected a breast lump that turned out to be cancer. Because of Daisy’s smart nose and ability to communicate with her owner, Claire is now cancer free. She is the chief executive of Medical Detection Dogs, a charity that helps to train dogs to sniff out early disease and alert their owners.

Dogs are innately capable of detecting subtle changes to odor changes in the human body that people simply can’t smell. The charity is working on a number of studies into the early detection of urological cancers such as prostate and bladder cancer, malaria and more recently Parkinson’s disease. The prompt diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease – up to ten years earlier than conventional means – was the project that won the charity particular acclaim in the Purina Better With Pets Prize

Learn more about Claire and Daisy and their work here:

Dr. Christie D’Andrea