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Heartworm Disease in Cats – An untreatable yet preventable infection

How do cats get Heartworm disease?

Cats are exposed to heartworm disease the same way dogs are – through the bite of an infected mosquito.

My cat is indoor only, how could he possibly have been exposed?

Well… have you ever seen a mosquito in your house? Both indoor and outdoor cats should be protected from heartworm disease. It is as simple as the application of a monthly preventive that will protect your cat against heartworm parasites and fleas. (and yes….indoor cats can also contract fleas. Eeewwww)

How does heartworm affect cats?

The heartworm parasite affects cats differently than dogs. In cats, heartworm causes severe inflammation of the lungs. Unfortunately for our feline friends, there are no approved treatments for cats who contract heartworm. That is why prevention is so important.

How can I protect my cat?

Ask your veterinarian for recommendations. The veterinary team at VUCC are available 7 days a week to answer your pet related questions at 617-481-5197.


Dr. Christie D’Andrea