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Dogs May Help Cure Cancer

We all know our dogs are our heroes. But some dogs battling cancer may get the chance to provide insights into human tumors as well.

The Tallwood Canine Cancer Research Initiative (TCCRI) – a nonprofit biomedical research facility at Jackson Labs in Farmington, CT received $500,000 from an anonymous donor in November of last year.  The goal: to create a biobank of genetic information on cancer that can be shared around the world to further cancer research.

Dogs and people get similar types of cancers and respond similarly to treatment. Furthermore, some cancers that are rare in people are more common in dogs. Veterinarians partnering with the program can send removed tumor tissue to the bio bank for genetic testing that may lead to insights into these types of tumors. It is hoped that genetic analysis of the tumor tissue may help to identify risk factors in people and in dogs.

Dr. Charles Lee, Ph.D., FACMG, Scientific Director and Professor at JAX Genomic Medicine is “optimistic we will discover important information about how to best treat man  and man’s best friend”.

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Dr. Christie D’Andrea