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Buyer Beware of False Internet Claims

The FDA recently issued warnings to 14 different internet companies that were selling more than 5 dozen unapproved products that were touted to prevent, cure or treat cancer.

“The agency said it has issued more than 90 warning letters in 10 years to companies marketing hundreds of fraudulent products making cancer claims on websites, on social media and in stores. But it acknowledged that while the warnings sometimes stopped the sales, the companies sometimes just moved the products to new websites.”

The pet care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with little regulation. Don’t buy in. If you have concerns about your pets health, please consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian is the best resource to get your pet the right medical care. If finances are a concern, be honest with your vet. They will help you get the right information and the right care.


Dr. Christie D’Andrea